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Axa Financial

Digital Engagement

This campaign was designed to address consumer disatisfaction with the financial sector after the banks borrowed heavily from the public.


By giving consumers a platform to express their opinions on all things financial our hope was that Axa (who emerged from the scandal unscathed) could take the high ground, demonstrating to people 'We get it'. As in 'we get that you're annoyed, frustrated, bemused and  - well the list goes on.' 

After the initial burst of commentary, seeded by comedians and later populated by the public, we aimed to follow up with a suite of tools and apps to make people's finances much easier to manage.

This video was part our pitch; setting the scene.

101_funnyisntit_website copy.jpg

We'd begin by seeding comedy content from professional comedians - targeting potential customers by age and geographic profile.

ebay copy.jpg

This is a spoof auctions that tells the story of Phil, about to sell his pension on ebay (with a caravan thrown in.)

112_facebook_share copy.jpg

Ultimately our aim was to establish Axa as the friendly face of finance, able to engage in a dialogue that goes both ways.


The idea won the pitch but the client chose a more conservative execution.

102_funnyisntit_twitter copy.jpg

Having demonstrate that 'we get it'; we'd follow up with useful information and tools to help customers manage their lives better.

we get it.png

Tools would be designed for different life stages of customer journeys.

551_kieth_mike_journey copy.jpg

Customers would have access to a portal called One Life, with a dashboard offering various services, including access to a local IFA.

301_onelife_home copy.jpg
302_onelife_ifa_search copy.jpg
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