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Enderby Wharf


I kick-started a campaign for onshore power at a proposed new cruise ship terminal in Greenwich by starting a petition on with regular updates and appeals to the press.


It didn't take long to gain momentum as local groups joined forces to target key politicians . Together we managed to convince local councillors and key figures to side with us ,including Sadiq Khan, Jim Fitzpatrick (labour) and Neil Parish (conservative). After a crowd funding campaign and a case in the High Court we managed to win a great deal of publicity in both the local and national press. In fact engineer, Ralph Hardwick, and myself were interviewed on BBC radio on Petrie Hosken's show.

By reguarly adding updates to the petition we were also able to make sure journalists could catch up with developments quickly and easily. And by targeting key figures on twitter across political divides we were also able to persuade people to get off the fence and join us.


Late in 2018, thanks to the rising tide of negative public opinion,, plans to build the port were dropped by developers Morgan Stanley. We won!

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