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Tombola Bingo

TV ideas

The game is incredibly simple to play, but also comes with its own set of complicated social dynamics. Played online, mostly by women, for as little as 10 pence a go, it passes the time while mothers are waiting for their children to come home from school, or as a way of winding down after work. Our task was to offer a set of ideas that would appeal to ladies who want to have a little fun and a chat with other gamers. Chat boards are a big part of the experience.


Idea 1: If you've ever played bingo in a hall with an old fashioned felt tip with a fat round end you'll know what our first idea is all about.  When your number comes up you dab.  Hence our first storyline of a man pursued by a mysterious giant purple dot. It's a little bit cheeky, and dare I say it sexist, told from a tongue-in-cheek female perspective.

Idea 2: The next idea is based on an other worldly character called The Fun who speaks an alien language. The language is in fact well known among bingo officionados. AFK is 'away from keyboard', GG is 'good game', LMAO is 'laughing my arse off'. These acronyms are very much a part of the experience as gamers constantly use 'bingo lingo' while they play. It's all about belonging to a club that's fun and accessible to all (once you're in the know).

Idea 3: Our third idea was based on the concept of a laugher laboratory. The kicker being that our target market, mostly women, laugh far more frequently than men (this is true). We thought that an exploration of that fact and the reasons why would not only reflect well on the client, but give us an opportunity to have fun on social media.

We were particularly keen on using our certification stickers / stamps on bizarre news stories. Just imagine the fun you could have with recent events in British politics. Of course you'd need a legal firm on board to avoid being sued but you get the idea.


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